Welcome to Gul3, the Staff Interactive Linux server

Gul3 is a Linux server where staff and post-graduate research students in the University of Gaziantep can host websites, and perform computational work such as developing and running programs, and document preparation. Gul3 is also a good place to backup important files as the file system has a regular backup.

Linux Applications
Gul3 contains thousands of Linux applications e.g. C/C++ (gcc), Fortran 95 (g95), Latexing (latex), document viewers, image viewing and manipulation programs, the usual desktop applications .... there are too many to summarise here, you can get an idea of what is available by pressing TAB twice, typing man program-name will often give you information about the program. I will try to expand on this section (contributions will be appreciated).

Obtaining an Account on the Gul3
Please visit the Computer Center help desk.

Connecting to Gul3
Assuming that you have an account on Gul3 then you can access gul3.bim.gantep.edu.tr via ssh (port 22):

To connect from Microsoft Windows, recommended ssh clients are:

To connect from Linux, you can simply use the ssh command for an interactive connection, and the sftp command for file transfer.

   $ ssh gul3.bim.gantep.edu.tr

   $ sftp gul3.bim.gantep.edu.tr

Sending graphical displays from Gul3 to your office PC
To send graphical (X11) displays to your office computer, first you need an X-server to be running on your PC, and then you need to use the X11 forwarding feature of your ssh client.

X Server
The X server accepts graphical data from the remote host and presents it on your desktop.

X11 Forwarding
Once you have an X server running, you need to enable X11 forwarding in your ssh client:

Programming Guides
Local Linux and programming guides http://wwwacs.gantep.edu.tr/guides/linux/